Corsican fruits, boast firm flesh with a velvet skin

  • Our approach and high-performance technical
    equipment guarantee constant quality from growing
    to selling, which ensures the safety and well-being
    of users and consumers in compliance with the
    principles of integrated fruit farming, moving towards
    sustainable development.
    This approach requires the adoption of cutting edge,
    efficient technology, which leads to optimum quality
    combined with regular yield.


  • Introduction of a grass buffer strip and mixed hedgerows
  • Reduced use of chemical weed-killer
  • Managed water intake: Twin line drip irrigation, weather station, programming and monitoring sensors.
  • Reduced and targeted fertiliser intake according to the needs of the tree: Fertigation and foliar fertiliser.

Managing loads :

  • Winter and summer pruning, depending on the varieties to ensure sunshine gets to the fruit: Wood quality.
  • Manual thinning to optimise size and ensure better taste properties, etc.

Integrated protection :

  • Monitoring of orchards (rodent counting and trapping system) to enable appropriate treatments.
  • Reduced use of crop-protection products through the use of alternative techniques such as sexual confusion (bio-technical control method) and mass trapping (alternative control method): Aiming for zero residue.