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Corsica’s perfect amount of sunshine on its undulating hillsides
guarantees its fruit a unique flavour. Located in the heart of CASINCA, in Vescovato, on the east coast,
FIESCHI FRUITS has been producing outstanding quality fruit for three generations..Thanks to its wonderful location between the sea and the mountains,
this area combines rich soil and an ideal climate.
Since 1950, the FIESCHI family has always used its expert knowledge to
ensure the highest quality.









The coorporation

Passion and technical skill are key factors in the success of our
business, which has always sought to reconcile productivity with
respect for the environment.
Our policy has always been to grow and sell delicious fruit,
continually striving for excellence to make our customers hungry
for more.

Our exploitation

Our experimental orchard enables us to select the most suitable
varieties for our land, fulfilling all their flavour potential.

In recent years, we have focussed on expanding and renewing
the orchards. These now cover 300 acres and will achieve their
production potential of 3,000 tonnes in the 2019 season.
Our orchards produce nectarines, apricots, plums as well as
peaches and flat peaches, all deliciously sweet, in vibrant colours,
with firm flesh and bursting with flavour.

In half a century, the FIESCHI family has won the trust of its
customers, not only thanks to high-quality produce, but also a
consistent and varied range of summer fruits throughout the

Our vision

We pride ourselves on being “suppliers” to the top brands and
wholesalers, who share our love for healthy, high-quality fruit.
Our distribution is handled by LES FRUITS FIESCHI.

Years of existence

From creation to sales…

…of a outstanding fruit


Picking triggered and quality optimised thanks to laboratory testing
Pimprenelle tool: Sugar level and firmness

Picking in several sessions for mature, richly-coloured fruit full of flavour and of good appearance,
Ongoing relationships with fruit tree variety specialists and other technical partners for best possible compatibility with soil and climate conditions,

Staged range of varieties throughout the season, adapted to the needs of the market and consumers.


Station compliant with HACCP standards on hygiene and food safety.

3,500m² station, modernised in 2012, including 1 fully climate-controlled 200m² station.

2,000m³ of cold rooms to maintain flavour quality and optimum preservation.

Positioned as a producer of large-sized fruit, mainly size A and AA, classed Extra or I, packed in
layered trays, in bulk or in punnets.

Grading of fruit on arrival and laboratory testing (Pimprenelle tool).

New generation fruit grader, that does not damage fruit.

Peach brusher to reduce fuzz.

Identification and traceability.

Sampling from packed batches plus monitoring of their condition over 9 days.

Cold chain maintained up to the consumer.

Hectares of orchard

Tons of fruits


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